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Secondry Steel

Manufacturing Process

How We Made PrimeGold Sail


Why PrimeGold

Excellent Uniform Rib Pattern

PRIMEGOLD TMT Bars have precise, uniform rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines, which results in excellent bond strength with concrete.

Superior Weldability

Low levels of carbon ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. This means stronger and safer weld joints & reduction in wastage during welding at site.

Earthquake Resistant Properties High UTS/YS

PRIMEGOLD TMT Bars are proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recommended in earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistant properties. Prime PRIMEGOLD TMT meet international specifications for the UTS/YS ratio thus importing them with strength and high ductility.

Excellent Bendability

Due to the highly controlled process that ensures a microstructure with a soft (ferrite and pearlite) care, PRIMEGOLD TMT Bars have excellent bendability (in spite of their high strength). This facilitates easy bending, making work easier and faster at construction sites.

Corrosion Resistant

The parallel rib pattern in PRIMEGOLD TMT Bars created in the final finishing eliminates the chance of torsion residual stress. This coupled with low carbon content leads to superior corrosion resistant properties as compared to ordinary TMT.

Greater Resistance to Fire

The quenching and self-tempering treatment of a temperature of approximately 650 c results in a consistent and thick layer of tempered martensitic-rim on the outer surface of PRIMEGOLD TMT Bairs. This imports higher capacity to retain strength at elevated temperatures.

Comparison Chart

PrimeGold Sail vs Other Indian Grade

Properties/Compositions India (IS:1786)
Grade FE-550D
PrimeGold TMT
Grade FE-550D
Mechenical Properties
Proof Stress 550 N/mm2 575 N/mm2
Tensile Strength 600 N/mm2 635 N/mm2
Elongation 14.5% 18%
UTS/YS Ration 1.08 1.10
Chemical Properties
Carbon 0.25% Max 0.17-0.23 Max
Sulphur 0.040 Max 0.030 MAx
Phosphorus 0.040 Max 0.030 Max
S+P 0.075 Max 0.060 Max
CE 0.61 Max 0.51 Max